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Northeast Ohio Lawyer Combats Unwarranted Assault Allegations

Established firm with offices in Warren and Jefferson defends accused individuals

Numerous types of incidents can lead to an assault charge, but if police and prosecutors don’t fully understand the situation, the allegation might not be warranted. At my firm, Garrett Stern, LLC, Northeast Ohio residents accused of assault offenses receive strong defense counsel from an experienced former prosecutor. With nearly 20 years of legal practice on both sides of criminal litigation, I can identify key evidence that others overlook in order to counter unjust accusations. In cases involving misdemeanor simple assault and more serious charges alleging serious bodily harm or the use of a deadly weapon, you can count on me, Candace Garrett, to give you strong, smart representation.

Accomplished advocate handles simple and aggravated assault cases

My criminal defense firm provides comprehensive support to Ohioans accused of illegally causing or attempting physical harm to someone else. Specific counts under state law include:

  • Simple assault — This first-degree misdemeanor offense can result in a fine as well as up to six months in jail. If you believe the allegation is unfair, I’ll fight to have it dismissed.
  • Negligent assault — When authorities believe that someone was hurt due to the negligent use of a deadly weapon, this allegation can be brought.
  • Aggravated assault — As a fourth-degree felony charge, this crime can lead to extended incarceration. It involves serious harm and/or the use of a deadly weapon while the alleged perpetrator was acting in a sudden fit of rage.
  • Felony assault — A second-degree felony with a maximum eight-year sentence, felony assault also involves serious harm and/or the use of deadly weapon, but this count pertains to situations where the alleged incident is more deliberate.
  • Domestic violence — Being accused of domestic violence not only puts you at risk for criminal punishment but can also lead to civil sanctions and revisions to a custody arrangement. No matter how complicated the circumstances might be, my firm will present a clear, well-supported defense.

Starting with a free initial consultation, I’ll apply the facts to the applicable legal standards so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Skillful attorney identifies potential defenses after a physical altercation

In nearly every situation, police make assault arrests without witnessing what actually occurred. Sometimes a charge might be based solely on the account of one person. I know how investigations work and will review assault cases thoroughly to determine if the incident was justified by self-defense or the defense of someone else. In other cases, the harm could have been the result of an accident or the charge could be based on misidentification. My firm goes beyond what’s in the police report to maximize the likelihood of a successful result.

Contact an Ohio defense lawyer for a free consultation regarding an assault charge

Garrett Stern, LLC represents Ohio residents in criminal defense proceedings relating to assault and battery allegations. Please call 440-855-1304 or contact me online to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. My firm has offices in Warren and Jefferson.


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