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Northeast Ohio Law Firm Assists Clients Charged With Drug Crimes

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Across the United States, governments and medical experts have grappled with the best way for the legal system to address the use and sale of illegal drugs. Many changes have occurred, but whether you’re accused of a minor possession offense or the felony distribution of a controlled substance, it’s crucial to understand the applicable law and the potential defenses that exist. Located in Warren, Garrett Stern, LLC takes on authorities and protects the rights of Northeast Ohioans accused of drug crimes. I have prosecuted these cases on the state’s behalf, so my understanding of how the “other side” works offers the defendants I represent a distinct advantage. I use that knowledge to fight on behalf of clients facing significant penalties.

Knowledgeable lawyer litigates matters involving controlled substances

Regardless of what led to a drug-related arrest, an effective criminal defense lawyer can create a sound strategy for dealing with the allegations and pursuing a favorable outcome. I assist clients facing a range of drug counts, including:

  • Possession — Penalties for possession of a controlled substance are tied to the drug in question and the amount that was found by law enforcement officers. Substances are separated into five schedules. Even a small amount of a Schedule I or II drug, such as heroin, cocaine or LSD, can trigger a felony charge. Holding a less dangerous drug is typically classified as a misdemeanor.
  • Intent to sell and trafficking — Possessing a bulk amount of an illicit drug can be legally interpreted as an intent to sell drugs, which exposes defendants to significant penalties. The amount required to justify this charge varies by substance. An aggravated drug trafficking charge is a fourth-degree felony with the potential for increased punishment if the sale involves children or is in a school zone.
  • Unlawful use of prescription drugs — Even if you’re just trying to help a friend feel better, the act of giving, selling or sending them a prescription medication can lead to serious consequences. My firm represents people accused of obtaining, using or distributing pharmaceuticals without the proper authorization.

Whether the drug in your case is marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or a different type of opiate, my firm will review each aspect of the law enforcement process to determine if your rights were violated or if evidence was seized improperly. Starting with a free initial consultation, I’ll battle to secure an outcome that minimizes the disruption to your life and loved ones.

Seasoned advocate seeks fair treatment for accused drug offenders

For those charged with nonviolent drug offenses, governments are finally coming to the conclusion that extended incarceration only makes the situation worse. In Trumbull and Ashtabula counties, drug courts exist so that people with substance abuse problems can account for their actions and get the help they need in a nonadversarial environment. My firm’s individualized approach to each case and knowledge of the justice system gives clients a real chance to turn a legal problem into a lasting solution. Even if you believe overwhelming evidence exists against you in a drug possession or sale case, you don’t have to surrender your rights or make any potentially damaging statements until you gain a full perspective on the available options.

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Garrett Stern, LLC advocates for Ohioans accused of illegal drug possession, distribution and manufacture. To schedule a free initial consultation at either my Warren or Jefferson office, please call 440-855-1304 or contact me online.


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