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Skillful advocate protects the rights of clients in Trumbull and Ashtabula counties

Since the establishment of our Constitution, Americans have had the right to bear firearms, but a complex maze of federal and state gun laws can put you in jeopardy even if you believe you’ve done nothing wrong. My criminal defense law firm, Garrett Stern, LLC in Warren, advocates for clients in a full range of actions relating to the use, possession, purchase or sale of guns and other weapons. As a former prosecutor, I understand the detailed rules that govern firearms and the ways in which authorities prosecute weapons crimes to increase charges and sentences. You can rely on me, Candace Garrett, not to back down from a fight when asserting your rights against serious weapons charges.

Lawyer in Warren and Jefferson protects the rights of firearm owners

Even if you are a safe, law-abiding gun owner, carrying your weapon in the wrong place could put you in legal jeopardy. In other situations, the mere presence of a deadly weapon can shift a simple assault charge to a felony count. In a free initial consultation, I’ll explain your options and relevant laws pertaining to:

  • Licensing — Individuals who have been convicted of felonies or drug-related crimes are not allowed to obtain a concealed-carry license. A limited prohibition also extends to people with some recent misdemeanor convictions. If you’ve been accused of improper firearm possession, I can help you press for a fair resolution.
  • Locations where guns are prohibited — Colleges and certain businesses are allowed to bar concealed guns on their premises, so the rules governing particular locations can vary. Recent changes to Ohio law allow license holders to keep their firearms securely in their cars when entering schools or companies where carrying isn’t permitted.
  • Weapons as an aggravating factor — In assault and theft cases, a knife, gun or other deadly weapon could trigger much more serious penalties even if it is never used. My firm challenges inappropriate charges and works to refute unwarranted allegations.
  • Purchases and sales — Strict rules govern the purchase, sale and transfer of firearms, and different standards apply based on the particular parties involved. When an allegation of illegal conduct occurs, I will advocate for your rights.

With a full understanding of the legal standards and my firm’s effective criminal defense, you can make important decisions about your case with confidence.

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If you have been accused of a weapons-related crime, you need a dedicated advocate with experience defending against gun charges and other allegations. Garrett Stern, LLC represents clients in these cases and others throughout Northeast Ohio. Please call 440-855-1304 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Warren or Jefferson office.


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